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ParCare Community Health Network is a multi-specialty center providing such services as primary care, internal medicine, dermatology, physical therapy, and pediatrics; helping our patients to maintain optimal health and prevent potential diseases. ParCare is a culturally sensitive center that provides the community with the most affordable and accessible health care options. It is our top priority to serve the underserved and provide every patient with the most comprehensive medical services available. Our dedication to the community is second to none and our standards involve tailoring our services to meet the needs of the culturally diverse and multi-lingual community that we have the privilege of serving.

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At ParCare we service a wide variety of diagnostic treatments. Ask about any other medical field you have an interest in.



ParCare Speciality Group

Our specialty departments feature experts in every field, from Cardiologists to OBGYN, along with a full-time general internist, With years of experience and impressive credentials, each doctor provides his patient with personal…

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ParCare Doctors

Designed with your relaxation and comfort in mind, our sleep center will put you at ease. Wireless hook-ups, private bathrooms, and male or female technicians all contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. An expert team of doctors…

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ParCare Physical Therapy

Expert physical therapists utilize innovative and progressive techniques, through a combination of exercise, counter-pressure, and massage, to heal the body, repair injuries, and provide you with liberation from pain…

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What our patients have to say

We are reliable & Trusted
  • “Wasn’t feeling well and as per a recommendation came here for a checkup. Very nice place. Soon as I walked in I was greeted and not even 10 min was called in. The doctor was very nice and friendly, she told me what I needed and I was out. Whole process was barely 20 min. Will defiantly return and highly recommended”

  • “I was having a very bad sore throat and needed to make sure it wasn’t strep. My experience was smooth and drama free. The reception staff looked right at me, smiled and greeted me as soon as I entered the door. It was not the typical NY experience where they ignore you or play like they don’t see you. I was in an exam room with 10 minutes.  The medical aide was professional yet personable and very thorough.  The doctor was also professional and warm and took time to answer my questions. Check out was straight forward with no hassles”.

  • “Amazing!!! I decided to stop in because it is close to my job and I’m so glad I did. I suffer from strep throat frequently and I knew I was coming down with it again and wanted to seek attention quickly.  The receptionist helped me as soon as I walked in the door. It was my first time there, so I filled out the registration forms while walking to the office. Saved me a few minutes of waiting. The nurse called me within five minutes and he was the sweetest guy ever.  He asked his series of questions and was very friendly and caring. He gave me the strep test and came back in with the doctor who was also great. The doctor started me on my antibiotics right there in the office and sent my scrip to my local pharmacy”

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